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All our items are professionally cleaned & hand finished. We cater for garments whether it be gents, ladies or childrenswear. We are specialists in curtain cleaning, leather & suede, and Wedding dresses.

Commercial Contracts

We offer a linen hire service to help facilitate all your commercial needs.

Restaurant tablecloths & napkins

Property management bedding

We are fast & reliable



We cater to all your alteration needs, whether it be hems, buttons or letting your waist out. Please get in touch for any enquires you may have.

Rug Cleaning


We also offer a unique and proffesional Rug cleaning service. We can clean all types of rugs.

We have a query form on the next page for additional information.



All your items are hand pressed, hung or folded for your convenience and bagged to keep your garments in pristine condition.

We take all loads no matter how big or small, clothing or bedding catered for.

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